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An Unexpected New Home

The setting of this story starts in place called Zuria. This is a peaceful town where nothing out of the usual ever happens. The kids go to school and come home safely, every day. NEVER does anything fun ever happen. It is the same exact thing every single day of the kid’s lives. Until one day Sushin Mclongo, Shush is what everybody calls her, and her best friends, Tommy Turntables and Lillie Morgan Groth, decided to upset the balance of the peaceful town. Shush was found running away from the middle school with Tommy and Lillie.

Lillie yelled, “come on guys we can get away.” They ran harder and came to an old abandoned junk yard. There was a sign that said, “danger stay away.” The kids didn’t listen, they ran into the junkyard, where they saw a blue glowing light. They stared at it for a minute, looked at each other, and then they ran towards it. Like a tornado they were swept off their feet. It was a like a huge storm, the wind pulling them around, things flying all around them.

Tommy yelled, “this was a bad idea.” It was too late for them to rethink it.

The storm stopped, and the kids find themselves in the middle of a battlefield. The kids had no idea what was happening, but still they had enough sense to know they had to get out of this place. Lillie yells, “Guys we need to find a place to hide.” Lillie started running away from the battle and gestured for the others to follow. They ran like they never ran before. They were almost out of the field when Shush cried out in pain. Blood was streaming down her arm, tears started to run down her face. She had no idea what that was. In Zuria there was never any fighting. Guns were banned and nobody was allowed to talk about them. Shush has never experienced pain like this before. Tommy started to yell and Lillie was trying to get both of them to calm down. With all the yelling Tommy was doing, it wasn’t long before somebody came over to see what was happen. The guy who came looked to be in his mid thirties. Angryly he said, “what are you kids doing here? You guys should not be here.”

Tommy shouts, “I don’t know why we are here. We were just in this junkyard so this glowing blue light, we walked towards it and then we ended up here.” The man looks at them like they are just kids with an overactive imagination.

He shakes his head and says, “I don’t have time for this. You kids should get away from here.”

“Tommy,” Lillie shouts, “We need help and now you scared him away.” Tommy just stares at the ground. Lillie helps Shush up and they start to walk away from the battlefield. Tommy doesn’t yell anymore, and now Shush is just silently whimpering.

Tommy says, “We will find somebody to help us.” Tommy was talking more to himself then to the others. “Somebody here will help us.” The kids walked until they came to a village. The kids knocked on doors and asked for help, but nobody would help them. The one person tried to throw rocks at them when they asked for help. Many others just slammed the door. The kids sat down and stared at each other, nobody wanting to say what was on their minds, but finally, Tommy, did. “Nobody’s going to help us. What are we going to do now?”

Lillie thought for a moment and said, “we can't give up. I have a feeling the next house will be the one.” Tommy and Lillie helped Shush up and walked to the next house,a woman opened the door and then shut it quickly. “It will be the next house,” and at the next house, “it will be the next house.” She said this multiple times until they came to a house that was surrounded by plant life. Lillie says, “one more than we’ll give up.”

The kids walk to the door and knock they wait for a minute. The door suddenly opens, “hey kids, I am Frankes Horst. What do you kids need?”

“My friend, Shush, was marked by something silver. I don't know what it is called, but now she has blood running down her arm and me, Tommy, and my friend, Lillie, don't know what to do.” Tommy starts to jabber on.

‘Don’t waste your breath,” The kids were sure he was going to tell us to go, but instead he says, “come on in. I can help your friend.” They followed Frankes into his house. He sat Shush down on a couch and went to get a bucket of water and a cloth. Frankes came back and said, “Now you guys tell me how this happened.”

They him how they got here and how Shush was shot and how nobody would help them. Lillie finishes, “and now we are here.” Frankes doesn’t say a word just looks as if he’s deep in thought and started to work on Shush’s arm.

Frankes explained how the silver thing that is in Shush's arm was a bullet shot from a gun. The kid’s stayed with Frankes, and learned that this world is very exciting and challenging, but they learned with fun comes bad things. There is some bad people, but not everybody is that way. They found their place in this new world.

The right time for your chores

When do you do the tasks you need to do? Morning? Afternoon? People usually choose the time of day to do their important tasks, for specific reasons. It could be because they are not busy at that moment or because the weather is nice. Some tasks can be best completed in the morning, for example making your bed. Then others best done after you eat, for example doing the dishes. The best time of day to walk your dog would be in the afternoon, after you get home from school.

When you are walking the dog, do you think about what the weather is like? When I take the dog for a walk, I like it to be warm with a small breeze. Right when you get home from school, it is humid with a little wind. It is a great weather for just walking. It is not very dark, it is light outside and you can see what is around you and where the roads are. The sun is shining and lighting the streets, but it is not burning your eyes, like the morning sun. It is usually not raining but in the late afternoon there is sometimes a little drizzle and I would not want to walk in the rain. The weather is perfect for taking your dog for a walk right after school.

When you get home from school, how often do you admittedly leave? Not very often, when I get home from school, I am home for a hour or so before I actually go anywhere. I am usually not busy and I have time to take the dog for a walk. Sports games and practices are usually in the late afternoon, when it is cooler out, not directly after school. You do not have to go anywhere, so you will not be rushed and you can take your time. Instead of pulling your dog and begging them to go faster, you have the time to walk slowly and enjoy the outdoors. Right after school you are not that busy, so taking your dog for a walk then, is a non rushed time to do it.

When you get home from school, is your brain overloaded? You get home from a stressful day at school, then right away you have to go and do all your homework, which can take up to an hour and a half. Taking your dog for a walk, will relax your brain and give you a break from the stress of school and homework. We all need to take a small break, before we dive into our homework and walking the dog is the break we all need. Being outside and getting the fresh air will relax your mind. Going outside and getting the fresh air, while you taking your dog for a walk, is the perfect thing to get your mind off things and ready to deal with them when you get back.

Taking your dog for a walk can best be accomplished after you get home from school. The weather is nice for walking, it is not a very busy time of day and it gives your mind a break from the stress of school and homework. It is the perfect thing to do to just relax and take a break. The perfect time to take your dog for a walk, is in the afternoon after you get home from school.

Believe in the Unbelievable

I believe in fairy tales. My name is Lillie Morgan Groth, I am 14 years old. The day I learned everything I didn't believe in was real, is a day I will never forget. I have never believed in fairy tales, but after that day everything changed.

Four years ago..

It is Monday, March thirteenth, 1989, I’m on my way home. I went to visit my grandparents, they live in America, while I live in Spain. I have to take a three day boat trip to get home. The boat ride is pretty boring. I am getting sea sick, so I decide to go up to the deck. I sit down and watch the sea. I look up at the green sky. Looks like a storm may come, but this doesn't worry me.There is the boat crew and the captain, but other than that it’s only me. They are delivering some goods to Spain and agreed to take me along.

I look up and see Jimmy, a crew member, shaking me awake. I look around and realize everybody is gone. A storm has started. The sea is roaring. I hear thunder in the distance. It’s pouring, but I’m so wet I don’t notice it. “You have to get below deck!” Jimmy shouts to be heard over the storm.

I stand up and try to walk to the door, but the wind blows to hard. “The winds too hard!” I shout.

Jimmy tries to help me, but then with a huge gust of wind, I fall overboard, screaming. I struggle to keep my head above the water. I can hear Jimmy yelling from the boat. “Lillie! Lillie!” I hear him for a while. Then silence.

I wake up, and I can see I am in some sort of cave. I hear somebody say, “She’s awake.”

Another voice answers, “She seems confused.” I manage to sit up.

I ask the voices, “How long have I been asleep?”

“For about a day.” I look to where the voice came from. There is two heads peeking out of the water. One with blond curls, shining like diamonds. The other one with bright red curls, sparkling in the sun.

“Who are you?”

“I am Hope.” The one with the blond hair says. Then she points to the other girl and says, “This is Hermione, my best friend, we were nearby when the storm struck.”

“We saw you fall off the ship. We know you wouldn’t survive very long, so we decided to help you. We get a lot of bad storms around here. We like to stay close to the boats if we see any. We have had many people fall overboard when storms hit. We bring the people here and then wait for them to wake up.” Hermione explains, and then questions. “Your name is Lillie right?”

“Yeah that is my name.” I wonder how she know my name. “Where are we exactly?” I ask.

Hope answers, “This is an underwater cave.” I look around and see that ruby’s line the walls.

“Wow” I am fascinated by the different colors and patterns. Then I remember the boat, my family. “I have to get back to the boat.”

“I think I can find your boat.” Hermione goes under water and comes back about five minutes later. “I found it. It’s pretty far away but we can get there. You ready to go?”

“Yes but how are we gonna get there?” I am so confused. How will we get there? Who are these girls?

“We are going to swim.” Hope answers. They pull me into the water and we swim at lightning speed. They’re mermaids. I get back to the boat and climb on. I wave goodbye to the people, mermaids, who saved my life.

I know now not to assume until I know for sure. I believe in fairy tales all because of the day I almost drowned.